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Celebrities Who Love Horse Racing

A flutter on horse racing is popular with almost everyone. It definitely isn’t just a pastime for us everyday folk looking to earn some extra money; it is something that is embraced by people of all different stations – including celebrities. 

There’s something about the thrills of hearing the thunderous sounds of hooves stampeding towards the finish line that can’t be beaten. Heading over to visit and other such sites to put money on the outcome… and barely being able to watch the results is something that transcends money and class. 

Here, we are going to take a look at some of those celebrities who famously enjoy a day at the races.

Bobby Flay

One celebrity horse racing fan is the world-famous chef and restaurateur Bobby Flay. Flay has had a love for horse racing that goes back all the way to his childhood, and he’s become a huge fan of national racing events, such as the Kentucky Derby, which he has attended no less than a dozen times. 

What sets Flay apart from the rest isn’t just the fact that he enjoys watching the races – but he actually actively participates as a horse owner. Indeed, he owns more than 20 horses. His approach to betting is strategic – advising against triples and exacta bets, and always emphasises the importance of doing your research and making properly informed choices.

Bo Derek

Another famous personality who is a big fan of the horse racing world is actress Bo Derek. Famous for her beauty – and her roles in films like 10 and Tarzan, Bo Derek made the move from the glamour of Hollywood to the stables. 

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While she admits her betting strategy may not be foolproof (whose is?) Derek frequently supports horses that are associated with people she knows. More focused on promoting horse welfare – through her involvement with thoroughbred clubs, her betting activities take a backseat to her commitment to making sure the horses are all well cared for.

Carson Kressley

Emmy Award winner Carson Kressley, known for Queer Eye and Dancing with the Stars, brings his flair and style to the world of horse racing – as a respected exhibitor. Despite admitting to experimenting with a variety of different betting strategies, Kressley decided to settle on a more simple strategy – betting on the race winner. 

While he by no means claims to be an expert in horse racing betting, he certainly has the experience to know what he’s talking about.

Kevin Dillon

Kevin Dillon, Matt’s famous brother – and a familiar face to those who watch HBO’s Entourage, has been in numerous films and is another celebrity who is drawn to the thrills of horse racing. 

While he isn’t an expert on the equestrian world, he has openly shared that he tends to bet on the favourites. For him, he enjoys the satisfaction of more frequent wins… even if smaller, rather than being drawn to the potential rewards of riskier bets. 

Richie Sambora

Next, we have Bon Jovi rock legend Richie Sambora, who has enjoyed a musical career lasting over 30 years. He also has a genuine love for the world of horse racing. Indeed, Sambora also considers himself a bit of a risk-taker, and, unlike Kevin Dillon, he doesn’t just opt for straight bets on the favourites.

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Indeed, he has admitted that he likes to explore various bet types, from exactas to trifectas – and be that little bit more adventurous.

Elizabeth Banks

Actress Elizabeth Banks, famed for her roles in The Hunger Games and The Lego Movie, adds her own twist to horse racing betting. Banks has stated that she likes to combine betting on a likely winner with a long-odds bet – and create exacta bets with big odds. 

Her strategy is a balance between safer choices – and the allure of those potentially huge wins.

All of these celebrities bring their unique styles and strategies to the world of horse racing betting. From the simplicity of betting on favourites – to the thrills of putting money on an outsider, it shows that this really is a sport for everyone.

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