Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) Bio, Education, Journey & More 1

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) Bio, Education, Journey & More

Alakh Pandey also commonly known as Physics Wallah is one of the most famous educational YouTuber from India. Starting from a minimal budget, his channel has grown exponentially over the years, thanks to his easy to understand and unique teaching skills. He is also a motivational speaker, cheering kids around the country.

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) Simple Childhood

Alakh was born on 2 October 1991 in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. His family consists of his mother and sister Aditi Pandey.

Alakh Pandey with his Sister Aditi Pandey
Alakh Pandey with his Sister Aditi Pandey
Alakh Pandey with his Mother and Sister Aditi Pandey
Alakh Pandey with his Mother and Sister Aditi Pandey

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) Education

He graduated from Harcourt Butler Technical Institute in Mechanical Engineering.

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) Dawn of YouTube

After serving as a teacher in other coaching institutes for some time, Alakh finally decided to start a YouTube channel with the name “Physics Wallah” on 27 January 2014 with minimal resources.

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) The Long journey to success

Initially, Alakh uploaded videos only for 10th class Physics, which eventually was accompanied by class 11th videos and finally 12th class video in around March 2019.

Eventually he even started giving online courses for IIT, JEE mains, JEE advance, NEET on his Youtube channel.

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) Youtube Channel to App

Seeing his popularity and channel’s growth he even launched an app with the same name, “Physics Wallah”, in June 2020. There he initiated his first paid course- Lakshya. This course for class 12+ JEE/NEET physics cost 999 rupees. His app was trending at #1 in India within 32 hours of launching.

Later, he introduced his Yakeen batch for NEET students in October 2020 , at the cost of 3500 rupees. Following this Accelerate batch of 4 months was launched for PCB/PCM students at the cost of 1500 rupees during the same time. After that, came his JEE Mains/Advanced dropper batch, worth 3500 rupees in November 2020.

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Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) YouTube to TV News Channel

Thanks to his growing influence and popularity, Pandey was invited on Indian TV news channels namely, Bharat Samaachar and VK News.

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) Flowing Offers

Looking at popularity because of his unique teaching and talent, many people, coaching institutes and colleges were quick to approach him to work with them, but he turned them down to provide quality free education to all students.

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) Large Scale Expansion

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) Bio, Education, Journey & More 5

Alakh Pandey also has a website with the same name as his youtube channel, to help his students by providing notes, books, and quizzes, which are completely free of cost.

Till a few months back his teaching was limited to the subject of Physics but now, there’s been a huge expansion and he is being assisted by other teachers to diversify their classes with subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Biology.

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) High Net Worth

It was mentioned by, which calculates the net worth of YouTubers, that Pandey’s net worth in February 2020 was around 1 crore rupees.

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) Current Scenario

In today’s date, Alakh Pandey has 4.95 million devoted subscribers on his YouTube channel who don’t miss even a single video of his and he also enjoys a huge fan base on his other social media platforms too. It will come as no surprise, looking at the heavy number of his subscribers and popularity, that he holds a Gold Play Button for his Youtube channel.

Alakh Pandey, today is the most famous Indian teacher on YouTube, thanks to his unique teaching style, making it easier for kids to grasp concepts, a wide range of subjects being offered, and above all his kind and generous vision of providing all students with free quality education.

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Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) Social Media Accounts & Channels

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