Christopher Ferry Journey From a Drug Addict to Addiction Recovery Advocate 1

Christopher Ferry Journey From a Drug Addict to Addiction Recovery Advocate

Christopher Ferry is a drug addict turned addiction recovery advocate, sportsman, inspiring internet personality, and the Florida-based Boca Recovery Center, founder. After winning the long and tough battle of beating his addiction, he now uses his past experiences to help others facing similar situations.

Christopher Ferry Childhood

He was born just outside Atlantic City, in Somers Point, New Jersey, United States, on 29 January 1989 to their father, Christopher Ferry and mother, Marylou Ferry. He has a younger brother Michael Ferry with whom he played ice hockey and attended private school.

Since young age itself, he has been a sports enthusiast stating that hockey was his life, and he even played ice hockey on his high school varsity team.

Christopher Ferry Ice Hockey Star

Due to his love for ice hockey and hard work, Christopher Ferry had a promising future in Ice Hockey. At the age of 18, he was invited for a tryout for the National Team Development Program (Team USA). But had to quit due to substance abuse.

Christopher Ferry Dawn of Drugs

According to Ferry, he was introduced to drugs & alcohol in high school, and before long, he lost his desire to play sports and spent most of his time hanging out with friends who were also using drugs. Due to this, he quit hockey.

Christopher Ferry Beginning of Change

After years of descending headlong into the addiction, Ferry decided to opt for treatment programs. During this time, he was serving as the co-founder of We Insure Florida, a Jacksonville-based insurance franchise, which he had to quit due to his extensive struggles with addiction. Ferry fought a long and excruciating battle of recovery and finally attained sobriety.

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Christopher Ferry Helping Others

After successfully coming out of the spiral of drug abuse, he decided to help others struggling with similar situations. And with his past experiences, he was helping others whose life’s derailed because of substance abuse.

Christopher Ferry Addiction Recovery Advocate

Due to his determination and after seven year of sobriety, Ferry now is an addiction recovery advocate and the founder of Boca Recovery Center, a remarkable drug and alcohol treatment facility.

Ferry is also a Certified National Master Interventionist (CNMI) from the National Association of Drug & Alcohol Interventionists (NADAI) who has been a part of journey of many others including rapper RiFF RAFF.

He also established an inpatient treatment facility in his hometown, Galloway, New Jersey, to aid people with medical and clinical treatment services for detoxification and residential treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Christopher Ferry Social Influence

Today, Ferry has one of the largest social media addiction recovery support groups, named Clean and Sober– Addiction Recovery Support, with over 70,000 members.

His online contact has a reach of 25 million people a month with over 200k followers on Facebook alone, along with thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube.

He is the first addiction recovery advocate to work with big-name influencers like Riff Raff, Stiches, Supreme Patty and Tyrone.

Christopher Ferry Other Adventures

He has shown great interest in, and has also studied, marketing and business development. Years later, Ferry still has strong ties with sports as he is an avid athlete and sportsman. He is also a physical fitness enthusiast.

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Christopher Ferry Personal Life

Christopher Ferry Journey From a Drug Addict to Addiction Recovery Advocate 3

At 32 years old, Christopher is a loving father of 3, one son and two daughters and is married to their mother, Dina. He currently resides in New Jersey, United States.

Christopher Ferry Present Day

Ferry is a remarkable addiction recovery advocate, professional coach, entrepreneur, and with his huge social influence his helping others on their journey to sobriety and sets out an example that it is possible to triumph over these overpowering vices.

Christopher Ferry Social Media Accounts & Channels

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