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Hirai Saya Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Net Worth & More

Hirai Saya Japanese woman, who resembles a BTS member Jungkook married to Actor Shim Hyung Tak from “Touch Your Heart”, in the ceremony. The actor’s second wedding was held in Seoul on August 20, as confirmed by the agency representing the Korean star. 

Hirai Saya Age

Hirai Saya is 24 years old, and there’s a 23-year age gap between her and Shim. They first met in Japan while Shim was filming there.

Full Name  Hirai Saya
Partner Shim Hyung Tak
Age 24
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Profession Unknown
Birthplace Japan
Nationality Japan
Ethnicity Christian
Instagram Account hiraisaya9988

Hirai Saya Personal Life

Hirai Saya keeps her personal life private and doesn’t share much about it with the media. She’s successful in keeping her personal matters away from public attention. On social media, she’s quite active, with almost 133k followers on Instagram, which is more than her husband’s following.

Hirai Saya Partner

Hirai Saya married Shim Hyung Tak, who is almost 47 years of age. He is a successful South Korean actor who worked on popular projects such as ‘Touch Your Heart’ and ‘Five Enough”. The couple has been dating for almost 4 years and got married on June 5, 2023.

Hirai Saya’s Parents and Ethnicity

Hirai Saya’s parents’ names and jobs are unknown. Details about her siblings and their occupations are unclear. She hasn’t shared any information about her family with the media. It’s believed her parents come from different ethnic backgrounds, which may have influenced her cultural perspective. But yet there is no public disclosure about her family background.

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Why Hirai Saya Made Headlines Recently

Hirai Saya gained attention for her resemblance to a member of the popular K-pop group BTS, Jeon Jungkook, especially after appearing on the show “Chosun’s Lover.” She acknowledged the similarity on social media, expressing gratitude to those who noticed it.

Hirai’s Reaction To The News

Jungkook from BTS acknowledged the resemblance during a live stream on May 25th, which surprised Hirai Saya. She appreciated Jungkook’s acknowledgment and thanked him and BTS fans for their support.

Hirai Saya’s Marriage

Shim Hyung Tak and Hirai Saya’s wedding photos were released by Shim Hyung Tak’s agency. Comedian Moon Se Yoon hosted the second part of the event, and Shin Sung and Lee Seung Chul sang at the wedding. They first met four years before their marriage while Shim Hyung Tak was filming a TV show in Japan. They received congratulations from fans and shared photos from their wedding day on social media, including Western-inspired wedding attire.


Hirai Saya, the wife of South Korean actor Shim Hyung Tak, is 24 years old and got married in 2023. Due to limited information about her private life, we’ve gathered as much as we can about her.


How Old is Hirai Saya?

Hirai Saya is 24 years old.

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