Mexico VS US: The Changing Landscape of CBD  

If you’ve ever done the iconic road trip from the bustling streets of Los Angeles to the vibrant locales of Mexico City, you might’ve noticed more than just a change in food and language. One subtle, yet intriguing shift is how the two countries, neighbours and longtime trade partners, view and handle CBD. Let’s dive into this cross-border tale of CBD!

The US Take on CBD: From Taboo to Trendy

Remember when hemp and CBD tincture were words you’d whisper, lest Aunt Martha give you the side-eye at family gatherings? Times have changed!

The Legal Dance: With the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp, which is rich in CBD and has less than 0.3% THC (the stuff that gets you high), became legal at the federal level. States, however, have their own rules. So, while CBD-infused smoothies might be the rage in California, they might raise eyebrows in more conservative states.

A Market Boom: Walk through New York or LA, and you’ll find CBD in everything – from face creams to dog treats. The market has exploded, with many praising CBD’s potential wellness benefits.

Regulations & Quality: With growth comes the need for oversight. The FDA is still figuring out the ins and outs of CBD regulation, so it’s always a good idea to ensure you’re getting quality products.

Which CBD products are popular in the USA?

If you’ve been strolling down the streets of any major city in the US lately, or even just scrolling through your favourite influencers’ posts, there’s a good chance you’ve spotted more than just one CBD product. The land of the free has gone CBD-crazy, and honestly, who can blame ’em? Let’s hop on a virtual tour and discover the hottest CBD products that Americans are currently raving about.

  1. CBD Oils & Tinctures
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A classic! These little dropper bottles are popping up everywhere – from your friend’s purse to your grandma’s medicine cabinet. People love them for their versatility. A few drops under the tongue? Sure. Adding it to a morning smoothie? Why not!

  1. CBD Gummies

Candies with a kick! These sweet, chewable treats are a fan favorite, especially for those new to the CBD scene. They come in a rainbow of flavors and make taking CBD feel like a cheeky little treat.

  1. CBD-Infused Skincare

Move over, regular face creams! CBD-infused skincare products, from serums to moisturisers, are making waves. Many users believe it can help with inflammation and give that elusive glow. Plus, they add a touch of luxury to the daily skincare ritual.

  1. CBD Topicals

Got an ache? Slap some CBD on it! Lotions, balms, and salves infused with CBD are flying off the shelves. Athletes, in particular, are big fans, using them post-workout to soothe tired muscles.

  1. CBD Vape Pens

For those who like their CBD on-the-go, vape pens are the way to go. They’re discreet, portable, and come in a medley of flavors and potencies.

  1. CBD Pet Products

Oh yes, Fido’s getting in on the action too! From treats to oils, pet owners are exploring CBD’s potential benefits for their four-legged friends, particularly for anxiety and pain relief.

  1. CBD-Infused Beverages

Thirsty? Grab a CBD drink! Whether it’s sparkling waters, coffees, or even craft beers, CBD beverages are quenching the nation’s thirst for relaxation and wellness.

  1. CBD Capsules

For those who like to keep things straightforward and mess-free, CBD capsules are a win. They’re easy to dose and can slide right into one’s daily vitamin routine.

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Mexico’s CBD Journey: Slow Dance with Progress

Just south of the border, the story unfolds a bit differently.

Hesitant Steps Towards Legalization: While Mexico has historically been more conservative about cannabis, recent years have seen a shift. In 2017, medical cannabis, including CBD products, got the green light, but there are still lots of regulatory hurdles and limitations.

A Growing Demand: As the global perception of CBD changes, more Mexicans are curious about its potential benefits. There’s a budding interest in CBD-infused products, from wellness to beauty.

Clarity Needed: Like its northern neighbor, Mexico is still navigating the CBD waters. Clearer guidelines, quality checks, and public awareness campaigns are needed to ensure a safe and robust market.

So, What’s the Verdict?

It’s like comparing tacos to burgers – both delicious, but with their own distinct flavors and nuances.

The US has embraced CBD with open arms with the 2018 farm bill, making it a massive industry. However, the rapid growth means there’s still much work to be done in terms of regulations and quality assurance.

Mexico, with its rich history and cultural ties to cannabis, is taking a more cautious approach. While the interest is palpable, the country seems to be waiting for the right moment to fully open the CBD doors.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re sipping a CBD latte in San Francisco or exploring the quaint markets of Guadalajara, it’s clear that the CBD wave is catching on. As regulations, research, and public perceptions evolve, it’ll be fascinating to watch how these two neighbors navigate the green journey of CBD.

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