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Noufal (nof.ad) – The Real Estate Tycoon From United Arab Emirates

In a world where a rising population leads to the constant demand of infrastructure for living quarters or offices, the business opportunities for the real estate industry has been ever-growing in the past few years.

However, in the current news in the real estate world, Noufal has been a hot topic. His emerging news about the newfound success and his luxurious lifestyle have been coming to the spotlight brought by the netizens of various social media platforms.

Who is Noufal?

Noufal climbed his way up to the top in a slow and but steadily deliberate manner. He was born in India, and later shifted to U. A. E. to commit fully to the real estate business.  He recently gained popularity on Instagram. HIs current followers are around 1.1M. He regularly posts about his whereabouts and updates his followers with award-worthy posts about himself doing various activities around the globe.

He has managed to make wise decisions in regards to his investment plans and that is exactly how he has been able to stay at the top of his game. His life filled with riches and luxury is nothing less than what he deserves.  He has deeply ingrained respect for his culture and has often expressed that in the subtle ways he updates his posts on Instagram.

He has travelled throughout the world in search of business opportunities. Places like UAE-Dubai, Qatar, Doha, Switzerland, Morocco and London are few of his frequently visited places. He also likes visiting different animals and experiencing different types of thrills available around the globe.

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Noufal Lifestyle & More

Due to his lifestyle, his fame has skyrocketed immensely. He has turned his name into a well known one and has slowly become a brand on how to live life like a pro. Naturally, the credit is simply due precisely to his infinite hard-work and the use of wit in regards to an indulgent industry.  The fact that he knows where to invest and when is an excellent example of it.

Each and every one of his trips are simply put: luxurious. He travels in his private jets and luxurious cars. He is also famous for posting pictures on Instagram of his Luxurious Lifestyle which show the Helicopters, the incredible Beast Machines(which he regularly drives himself) and playtimes with animals like lions, Cheetahs, falcons and many more.

He lowkey has a passion for cars and photography and is also an animal lover. He has put up several stories from his travels to USA, Switzerland and France. His instagram handle is @nof.ad

Noufal Social Media Accounts & Channels

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