6 reader invitation ideas for your next book launch

6 reader invitation ideas for your next book launch

Writing a book is a major achievement. After a long time writing your book and getting it published, you want to make sure it gets its due attention. Your work does not end at just getting the book published. You still have a long way to go with its marketing and promotion. You should already have teasers, announcements, and pre-order campaigns out about your book. Then, once it’s all done, you need to create hype with a book launch. 

Your book launch will generate a lot of noise around your work. So, you need to make it as impactful as possible. Whether it is online or at a physical venue, you should make it as happening as possible. This will get more readers to attend and buy your book. It will also give you ample material to market your book for later sales. 

Send out emails

You should send out invitations to your book launch through email. Create an attractive layout using the publication email templates on PosterMyWall. Choose a template which works with your general theme, and customize it accordingly. Make sure you have the date, time, and venue on this invitation.

Also, add a few details about your book to entice your readers. Share what activities will take place. If you’re running a contest or other entertainment, do talk about these in this email as well. Send this invite out to your email list with an engaging subject line. 

Post it on your blog

As an author, you should already have your own personal blog. If you’ve had this for a while now, you probably have some following. Write an article about your book launch on your blog, and urge your followers to attend. Thai should have more of a personal tone rather than a marketing one. 

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When you talk to your followers on a personal level in this blog, they will be more likely to engage. Then, they will also be likely to come to your book launch and see you in person. So, write about your book launch and talk about how much you look forward to seeing your readers. 

Do a social media campaign

This is an essential part of author marketing these days. You need to keep up a healthy social media presence. Instagram and TikTok are popular with readers and authors these days. This is apparent with all the shelves in bookshops with books popularized on TikTok. 

So, run a proper campaign focused on these two platforms, in particular. Share videos of your creative process. Also share Reels and TikToks about your book launch and how excited you are to see your readers there. This will help you connect with your audience. They’ll also share your book launch with their own audiences, so you should try and be as active as you can on social media.  

Share snippets of your book

Share readings and excerpts of your upcoming book with your social media audience and on your email invites. Make sure you choose a part which is attention-grabbing, but does not spoil your story. If you share this reading with a live video or audio snippet, you are more likely to connect with your audience. 

So, give teasers and snippets of your book with your invites. This will pique your readers’ interest, and encourage them to come to your book launch. This will also boost your pre-orders and sales. 

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Offer exclusive launch merch

Incentivize people to come to your book launch. Do this by offering exclusive launch merchandise or discounts. Let people know they’ll get their books signed at this launch, and also get some items like special bookmarks or figurines. 

Figure out what sort of merch works best with your book. It can be anything as small as a keychain or a poster. Just make sure the merch is exclusive to your launch, so that people are excited about coming to it. 

Partner with relevant influencers

There are many BookTokers and Bookstagrammers out there. Reach out to ones who specialize in your genre. Then, share exclusive snippets of your book with them before the launch. Have them talk about your book and its upcoming launch on their platforms. 

This way, their followers will also get to know about your book launch and be excited about attending. It is a common practice in the industry to send out pre-launch books to selective people, so choose a few relevant influencers and send your book out to them for marketing purposes. 

In conclusion, a book launch is quite an exciting event. You need to market it in the best way possible to get the most people to attend. This involves a lot of research and know-how, so make sure you add this to your author skills. After all, if you don’t market your book launch properly, you won’t get to share your work with as many people as you’d want. 

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