Payday Loans (Hurtiglån): Things to Remember

It is important to remember that payday loans can be convenient and fast, but they are expensive to repay. Understanding the concept of payday loans will help you determine whether you should take them. 

Payday loans are loose-term loans that can be obtained quickly. Of course, the short period can vary based on numerous factors. Still, the most common solution is to get the money the same day you apply for a loan.

We can differentiate numerous financial institutions in Norway that offer payday loans, while some specialize in payday loans. The main question is how different providers define them and how they affect the requirements. Still, we can differentiate a few similar factors, including: 

  • The application will undergo the procedure as soon as possible
  • You do not need security requirements
  • You can get a low loan amount
  • The effective interest rate is higher than other loans available.
  • You will receive the amount the same day you apply

Things to Know About Payday Loan

We can differentiate why you should take a payday loan for your needs. In most cases, it is due to emergency issues. For instance, a flood can happen, or any other medical problem requires you to pay for the treatment. Finding funds you can use until the next paycheck is essential.

Of course, payday loans are more expensive than other consumer loans available on the market. It is essential to check other financing and payment methods before choosing this option. 

If your situation is urgent, choosing a payday loan is best. Visit this link: to learn more about payday loans. 

The main idea differentiating other consumer loans from payday loans is the fast processing time and the ability to get low amounts compared to others. Another important consideration is to expect a high interest rate on a specific loan you wish to get, which is a vital factor to remember. 

Do You Need a Credit Check for a Payday Loan?

You probably know that most financial institutions must perform relevant individual assessments before providing you with funds. Therefore, a credit check is an essential aspect of the application. This is also true for payday loans. The most significant part of credit checks for customers is that they are performed electronically and automatically. 

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As a result, a bank will check your score in seconds and determine the best course of action. In case the result is good, you can finish the application in a matter of hours. On the other hand, if you have a low credit score, the process may require a more extended period. In those cases, the application must go to a loan officer for additional assessment.

Therefore, it will be challenging for them to handle the process on the same day, as with other options. If you have a high credit score, we recommend taking other consumer loans instead. That way, you can prevent excessive interest rates, which will keep money in your pockets. 

Banks will collect different information about your financial situation, including your liabilities and income overview. We are discussing consumer debt, mortgages, credit cards, repayment schemes, etc. You can check out the Norwegian Debt Register to find a list of consumer debts. 

You can check out the official Norwegian Debt Register website when you enter here, which is important to remember. This option lets you see all your debts and expenses related to your overall income. It is an essential assessment all banks make to ensure whether a borrower can repay a loan each month. 

The lending institution features shared responsibility when determining whether you can pay for everything on time. They must ensure that you can return the debt. Of course, since payday loans come without collateral, credit assessments are critical, especially for banks. 

The most significant aspect of credit assessment happens automatically and electronically, simplifying the process for financial institutions to handle fast assessments and ensure the best course of action. That way, they can offer the fastest payday loans without hassle. 

Effective Interest Rates on Payday Loans

You should know that when comparing loans, it is essential to check out the effective interest rate. We are discussing a nominal interest rate and all fees included. Generally, payday loans come with high-interest rates depending on your bank. Everything depends on two factors:

  • You can get low amounts only
  • It is an unsecured option. Therefore, it features significant risk
  • No Security

As we can see, you do not need collateral when taking a payday loan. Therefore, the bank will take a significant risk by offering you money. The risk is directly correlated with a high-interest rate. The interest rate is a payment a bank will charge you for borrowing money. The greater the risk a bank takes, the higher the interest rate. 

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Therefore, this is one of the reasons mortgages come with low-interest rates: they come with security in the form of a household. On the other hand, unsecured consumer loans rely on your word that you will repay a loan based on your credit score and history, which are abstract factors. 

  • Banks Lend Low Amounts

You should know that payday loans feature lower amounts. As a result, banks will charge higher interest rates for smaller amounts, especially with larger ones. This is a general rule for most consumer loans. The less they give you, the more they will take from you as a charge, which will act as a form of payment. 

Of course, some banks function as microloan options, which may be perfect for your specific requirements. Remembering to prepare yourself to pay high-interest rates on specific loans is vital. 

Apart from handling high-interest rates, payday loans are temporary solutions to your problem. If you apply for one, the wisest option is to assess your finances. 

The main idea is to create a long-term plan, check out savings, and determine whether you can use the amount you would borrow from other places, which will help you save money on interest rates.

Generally, banks offer lower interest rates for higher amounts. Payday loans depend on small amounts you must pay in the short term, meaning you will have significant interest rates. Since the processing is the fastest and you can avoid placing collateral, banks consider these loans risky. Therefore, the interest rates are high.

Differences Between Regular Consumer and Payday Loans

Regular consumer loans can allow you to borrow large amounts for longer terms. Some banks can offer you NOK 600,000 in consumer loans. Still, these loans require additional assessment compared with payday options. On the other hand, payday loans are perfect for smaller amounts. 

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However, we cannot state a fixed limit regarding how much you must apply for in payday loans. Still, some banks will set it at NOK 50,000, but in some cases, you can take a higher amount. Payday loans feature faster repayment terms than other options, so they have higher interest rates overall. 


Suppose you need help returning the money as quickly as possible. In that case, the best action is to take advantage of refinance. Instead of struggling to pay all your bills, you can save additional money and take another loan to help you handle your current one. 

We can differentiate a few reasons to do it, such as: 

  • Obtaining a large loan is a much better solution than getting a few minor options
  • At the same time, when you streamline a few high-interest debts into one, you are more likely to create additional transparency. 
  • When refinancing a debt, you can choose a more extended repayment period, reducing expenses.

A payday loan is essential, especially if you wish to handle an emergency. However, we recommend considering other financing means if you struggle to pay it back. It is way better to refinance your consumer debt to get a lower interest rate. 

Before getting a payday loan, you should understand its efficiency, benefits, and disadvantages. The worst thing you can do is enter a vicious debt cycle, which is expected if you enter debt without thinking about each step. 

That is why you should think about each step before making up your mind. You can prevent potential financial issues and ensure the perfect solution. 

It is important to remember that authorities have implemented restrictions, meaning you cannot promote payday loans based on the E24. Therefore, consumers must make informed choices without using advertising means throughout the process. It is as simple as that. 


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