6 Best Kodi Add-ons For Xbox One in 2023

6 Best Kodi Add-ons For Xbox One in 2023

Xbox is a widely used gaming console that provides plenty of other options. Aside from being an excellent gaming system, the Xbox One is also an amazing video streaming device. To unlock the potential of this gaming console as a video player, Kodi -an open-source players software app- is the key. 

The most significant benefit of installing a Kodi build is the freedom of customization. However, If you want to use a Kodi add-on for your Xbox One, experts advise that you should delete the majority of its add-ons and replace them with your own. 

This article enlists some of the most useful and rather safe extensions to add to your Xbox One that will not only help you with playing video Neosurf casino games but also let you enjoy movies as well. Let’s dive into them right away.  

Duff X

The Duff X add-on was designed specifically for the Xbox One. The main menu of Duff X is divided into a broad range including: Movies, TV, Shows, Music, Kids, Anime, Sports, 4K UHD, TNT Preview, SD Wizard, Settings, and other Add-ons.

Duff X has many pre-installed add-ons like, FlixNet, Placenta, Incursion, Covenant, Maverick TV Yoda, Genesis Reborn, Supremacy, YouTube, and many more.

Genesis Reborn

It’s a fantastic add-on for downloading and installing Kodi for Xbox One. You’ve probably heard about Genesis and the tremendous legacy it left if you’ve used Kodi. However, Genesis is no longer available, but a replacement, namely Genesis Reborn, has been introduced into the market.

It has everything that Genesis had to offer and does it far better in most areas. According to the audience, the best improvement is the UI – it’s straightforward, gorgeous, and simple to use. 

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If you’re a TV program fan but resort to counter boredom with a casino on mobile since you don’t know where to access the latest episodes of your favorite show, Genesis Reborn is the best add-on for you.

Gotham Add-on

Gotham for Kodi is one of the public’s favorite add-ons. It has a Batman-inspired style, offering you a darker and more modern-looking user interface.

If you’re not seeking specific material from an add-on, the Gotham Add-on is one of the best possible options for you to choose from. You can get access to a wide range of entertaining content, including a wide range of movie genres, sports, music, classic TV shows, and so much more. 

Magic Dragon 

This Kodi add-on is a one-in-all solution to access your favorite Games, Apps, Movies, Sports, and TV Shows. What’s more, its add-ons also include a long menu of Just Sports, Yoda, Supremacy, Joker Sports, Numbers, Maverick TV, and more add-ons.

Magic Dragon also comes with the well-known Aeon Nox Kodi skin which includes pictures of big red dragons as well as a scene from The Meg film with a large Megalodon shark in the backdrop.


Cerebro is another add-on that you must be looking into. This add-on offers content from both the United States and the United Kingdom. Yes, That’s right! You’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite shows, seasons and movies in the comfort of your home. 

Cerebro add-on presents a wide range of movie genres and TV show categories, so you’ll have plenty of stuff to keep you interested for months. 

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This add-on is also capable of streaming live material, albeit this does not always function effectively. Thus, you’re better off watching Video On Demand (VOD) Content.


Exodus is among one of the most established Kodi add-ons. Today, It’s not as well-supported as it once was, but it still has a large collection of films and TV series for you to watch for however long you want. 

Since it is not widely supported now, there aren’t many updates, but there’s still lots of material, and it runs very well with the Xbox One right now. Lambda created it and allows you to stream your favorite stuff, like HBO, STAR, and even Netflix and Hulu.

Final Thoughts

Kodi is among the most used software with several platforms, with Xbox One being no exception. The true power behind Kodi is its large number of builds and add-ons that are added to the software for enhanced efficiency and functionality. 

Each add-on has its own specific color and can entertain you in its own way. Select the one that best fits your taste and attach it to your Kodi to drive the best results. 

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