How To Create A Site Using An eCommerce Template HTML

Good online store marketers and directors must be up-to-date for a successful business. When starting the project, you have a certain amount for the budget for the site creation and its promotion. Today we’ll talk about one tool allowing you to reduce the investment in the design many times. At the same time, you get an excellent appearance for sections without compromising usability and your corporate style. We are talking about eCommerce template HTML from TemplateMonster.

We took this marketplace as an example. Below we share critical information about choosing different website launch tools and how to use them for the fastest results.

The Main Terms On The Topic

HTML is an abbreviation of the English language (HyperText Markup Language.) This code helps to display information on the page as intended by the author. These are data files that show at the visitor’s request.

There is an alternative option. All information is stored in CMS – the content management system. This element is your admin panel, where you make changes, add texts and images, and edit the appearance and content of pages.

There are such popular CMS:

  • WordPress.
  • Magento.
  • PrestaShop.
  • Shopify
  • Joomla.

Some owners say they have a WooCommerce online store. But they use a WordPress admin where they install a special WooCommerce plugin, which turns ordinary pages into a full-fledged store with all sales attributes.

The Main Differences Of The HTML Site

As mentioned earlier, there is an option to manually create an online store with this programming language’s help. There are also variants for paid and free content management systems with admin. Below are the most widespread and understandable differences for every reader. They help you make the right choice.


The design you make yourself ultimately gives free rein to your imagination. In the case of CMS, you are limited to the functionality provided in the admin panel. You also have ready options for eCommerce template HTML from TemplateMonster. Similar items allow you to start a project quickly and sell clothes, shoes, beach accessories, cosmetics, books, or children’s goods.

Reliable protection

All your data, which are in the sections and other parts, are under reliable protection. At the same time, experts note that even WordPress is never as safe as a site based purely on manual development. However, there are ways to improve and keep data safe if you try CMS. You only need to ask a qualified specialist.

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Note this point is of particular importance for an online store. After all, people give you their bank account details during payment. Be vigilant and keep your information safe.

Less weight

Consequently, pages open faster. What does it affect? The feature is essential for customer orientation, potential customers’ loyalty, even the number of orders, SEO, etc. Also, easy and fast pages are easier to open from phones when the mobile Internet is slow.

No need to update the engine and modules

Accordingly, the specialist is refraining from carrying out unnecessary work. This point optimizes the working time of the programmer or administrator.

Stability of work

If an error appears on some page, it doesn’t affect other sections. People calmly watch information, buy and enjoy shopping.

Cons Of HTML And How To Solve Them

It’s tricky if you decide to launch such a project. However, each issue is entirely solvable. You only need to know the way out. So, get the following features that require correction:

  • Many small tasks. Be patient, and most importantly, choose a competent programmer. Your dream work depends on this person. Nothing threatens you if the web developer is skilled and fast.
  • Limited possibilities for changing the appearance lead to the stinginess of the design. As you know, trends change. Sellers of fashion brands, cosmetics, and clothing especially feel this point. After all, the sections require a stylish look. Ready-made eCommerce template HTML layouts from TemplateMonster come to your aid. You must install and configure it.
  • Launch time. Even the addition of goods requires process optimization. Therefore, take care of auxiliary tools in advance. Especially if the assortment changes often.
  • Management complexity. You need help managing. Therefore, having at least one programmer in mind who always helps is essential. This person can be a contractor or an employee of the company. The second variant is more beneficial for large online stores. After all, changes may happen often.

Advantages Of HTML CSS eCommerce Template

We dealt with the first term. As for CSS, technology allows you to manage styles and create stunning designs. Since there are many manually created projects by programmers worldwide, there is a need to optimize their work tasks. The result is the appearance of a large selection in the website themes category on the market. Buyers may please their potential audience thanks to thoughtful, stylish, and flexible layouts. Their benefits:

  • The result is fast. By purchasing paid goods versions, customers receive visible changes in appearance immediately after installation. It’s convenient if you want to launch a project fast.
  • Unique and quality. Web development from leading specialists gives you many opportunities for project development. After all, the pages look high-quality, attractive, and expensive. People trust companies that seem solid.
  • Budget savings. You require many specialists of different profiles to create such a design yourself. By purchasing an eCommerce template HTML, you become one of several owners. However, with some editing, get a unique layout that would cost you hundreds of dollars from a qualified web designer. On TemplateMonster, you receive the same for 70-80 dollars.
  • A lot of tweaks. Receive a whole arsenal of fonts, color schemes, and more.
  • Online attributes. Some elements allow you to sell via the Internet. There is a contact form, chat with the consultant, drop-down menu, Ajax search, etc. See the description of layouts to find out what advantages each one has.
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Buying a theme is economical and practical. The next question is the relevance of a particular style. To what extent do the layouts offered by TemplateMonster and similar marketplaces correspond to the latest trends in web design? It’s easy to receive the answer. Let’s see what the leading stores look like.

Examples Of Successful Websites

Simplicity, laconicism, and clarity are now in trend. These three parts are almost the main drivers of trade. To make sure of what we said, let’s discover the most significant projects in your business sphere:

  • Due to the abundance of items on the site, you need to think through a competent structure. We see only a couple of colors in the look. Everything else is photos of the goods themselves. Also, note the unified style of the brand, which works for the company’s benefit. Everyone recognizes a distinctive logo. The site’s appearance corresponds to the trademark in colors. We also see a convenient order form, chat with sellers, and many well-divided categories and filters. These elements simplify the search for a specific phone model, accessories, or clothing.
  • The same design principles readers may see on this website. Only the color scheme has changed from red to blue.

It’s impossible to say which layout is more convenient. After all, hundreds of people with their preferences come to the pages. Note the general tendency to laconicism, strict adherence to the brand book, and an abundance of filters for searching for a specific model among the many assortments.

Recommended Examples Of eCommerce Template HTML

Let’s start from what we saw above and choose several options for inexpensive themes:

  • Wowy. An excellent variant for selling gadgets and smartphones. A pleasant color scheme and several demos at once make the purchase profitable. After all, there is something to choose from.
  • RafCart. Thanks to the bright colors, the demo is reminiscent of AliExpress. We also see similar blocks with product categories beautifully and elegantly presenting the latest arrivals and bestsellers.
  • Orange. The author immediately offers 11 Home page layouts to make the project unique. At the same time, buyers may add various products here thanks to the universality of the external look.
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The choice is yours. Discover the ready-made selection from TemplateMonster and decide on your own choice.

Helpful Video

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eCommerce Template HTML FAQ

  1. How to choose an eCommerce HTML template?

So that the appearance pleases you and the clients for a long time, be sure of its attractiveness by watching a demo. There is always a preview of each theme on TemplateMonster. It’s also important to know all the characteristics of the item. So, read the description.

  1. How do free eCommerce HTML templates differ from paid ones?

They are inferior in beauty and modernity. Web developers use a lot of time and money to create paid options. That’s why such themes look expensive. Also, paid ones are regularly updated and maintained in working condition and have instructions and support.

  1. Can I get an eCommerce template HTML free?

If you have a limited budget, take advantage of sales. This point helps you get a quality product with minimal investment. 

  1. Where can I download HTML eCommerce template free?

Follow the link to see available variants. However, before installing the layout, discover the paid options and evaluate their advantages. Such a purchase lasts you a long time. That’s why it’s better to think twice before installing.

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