Seedhe Maut: The Upcoming Hit Hip Hop Sensational Force

Hip hop has evolved prolifically from the earlier days. Although, being a culture of the West, the amount of popularity and adaptation it has procured is unmatchable. Amidst the ocean of hip-hop singers, a Delhi based duo has surpassed and proven out to be the most authentic artists. Seedhe Maut, is the talk of the town these days and is doing some great work! Let’s look into the life of this duo and check out how they rose from rags to riches.

Who is Seedhe Maut?

Siddhant Sharma aka Calm and Abhijay Negi aka Encore ABJ are the two New Delhi based Indian hip hop singers who came up with Seedhe Maut as their identification. Calling hip hop to be way bigger than music, and way of life, the singers have built a huge fan base and keep interacting with their audience via social media platforms. Seedhe Maut debuted in the year 2016 and since then there is no looking back.

The debut album ‘Bayaan’ by the duo has set a benchmark for the fellow creators. Their energy and sharpness has come with years of practise and devotion. Their take on the sociopolitical issues was recently seen with the Sez On The Beat Production. The creators are highly influenced from outside creators such as the God of Rap, Eminem.

Achievements and Recognitions

The duo has successfully been able to fix their image both nationally and internationally. In the national competition platform for rappers, Red Bull Spotlight 2020, the Seedhe Maut duo was entitled as the Masters of the Ceremony.

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Release of their debut mixtape 2 ka pahada received immense love and recognition throughout the country making them the best emerging talents from the capital of the country. The Seedhe Maut Anthem showed how profoundly they can match and do justice to the beat provided by Sez.

How Did the Name ‘Seedhe Maut’ Striked the Duo?

The duo claims that the brand name, Seedhe Maut is derived from Calm’s elder brother Sahil and his friends who used the term a lot when describing their midnight adventures. The phrase meant that there was no place for half-baked dreams. If one wants to build something for themselves tehy need to give their 100 per cent to it.

Singles released by Seedhe Maut literally reflect the pain of every youth in the country with limited opportunities. Shaktimaan and Kyu are two of the major hit singles released by the duo with a strong social message. From performing on Festival stages to social media the creators have come a long way.

Instagram Presence of Seedhe Maut:

The duo has more than 53,000 followers over Instagram. They keep their audience engaged by interacting with them through Q n A or LIVE sessions. Audience of Seedhe Maut is always excited to see what next they come up with!

Their influences are the big western based rappers and hip hop artists such as Run The Jewels, Clipse, Black Hippy, Mobb Deep and more.

Working with Ritviz:

Presently, considered to be India’s best electronic musician, Ritviz got involved with Seedhe Maut for Chalo Chalein. The experience of collaborating with the country’s most popular talent felt incredible to the duo. They called it to be one of the most interesting collaborations of their career till date.

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For sure, the witty verses and sharp music the duo releases reflects their passion towards this field. We wish the best to Seedhe Maut for their future endeavours and hope we will soon be able to tune into a new release!

Seedhe Maut Social Media Accounts & Channels

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